Happy 2013 – Theme: Be Good, Do Good

Charlotte Fresh popping back in to check in on everyone and to make sure the year has started off wonderfully for you. The first part of the year is when we tend to make resolutions: eat well, exercise, lower stress, reconnect with friends and loved ones and generally be good to ourselves. I appreciate your loyal following on Facebook while I continue to nurture other parts of my life.

Although the weather has been freakishly warm alternating with numbing cold (especially today…brrrrr), remember that our dedicated farmers and providers are out there year round to provide us healthy food. No better time to create and establish a healthy habit than now. If you can get up and out to get those veggies and pastured meats, you’ll create a wonderfully healthy eating pattern for yourself and for your family by Spring.

Valentine’s Day is arriving soon. Surprise your loved one with chocolates from local artisans like The Secret Chocolatier. Choose flowers from your farmers’ market. Buy beeswax candles from your honey provider. They might be short on honey this time of year because the bees need it, but they have other products. Like lip balm – very important, if you know what I mean.  Cook a wonderful dinner at home with local ingredients – you can do it!  Or go out to one of the many fine restaurants where chefs are using more and more local inputs.  You’ll see some of those opportunities for special dinners if you follow my Facebook page.

And while you’re being good to yourself, I encourage you to do good for others this year.  It doesn’t matter how large or small, challenge yourself to find something in 2013 that will have a positive impact on even just one person.  Here is an inspiring project and video to get your creative juices flowing.  Kudos to project lead Nate, his partnership with Harvest Moon Grille at the Dunhill and the Hilton to create opportunities for those less fortunate:

Farm near Uptown will employ people from homeless shelter

All the best for a wonderful year, and I’ll see you on Facebook. – CF

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Fresh Update: Latest News & Follow CF on Facebook

Hi All,

Charlotte Fresh digging her way out from the business of life.  I hope you have been enjoying a summer full of sweet corn, juicy peaches, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, melons and all the goodness that our local farmers offer.  We’ve appreciated this summer’s bounty and have enjoyed our Hinson Farms CSA.  And we’ve held hope in our hearts for the farmers suffering from drought – eventually it effects everyone.  Even our local farmers could face increases in feed costs due to increases in prices of crops affected by drought.  Today caps off 2012’s National Farmers Market Week, so please make sure that if you haven’t dropped by to see your favorite farmers, please do it today, and then create a new habit of going every week!

So, what’s shakin’ around town?  Here’s a whole bunch of random, but useful stuff.

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Fresh Farm Focus: New Town Farms, Waxhaw, NC

Charlotte Fresh and Hubby had the privilege to join a farm tour arranged by the Matthews Farmers’ Market of one of the most beautiful farms in our area – New Town Farms in Waxhaw, NC.  NTF is owned by our friends Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg.  Arriving at the farm, you would not expect a meandering gravel drive with well-established trees ringing a beautiful lake.  New Town Farms is so serene, it feels more park-like with trees and shade, open pasture for chickens, wooded areas for the Ossabaw hogs and a tilled garden.  There is a beautiful house on the property that the Koenigsbergs hope one day to turn into a related enterprise – an Inn that would serve guests food from the farm.  It’s a fitting vision for a family that is so incredibly hospitable.

Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg

Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg

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