The Farmers’ Markets are Back!

The weather is warming up, and the regular season for the farmer’s markets returns.  Some loyalists did head out to Matthews and to the Regional Market on Yorkmont during the winter season, but spring and summer is really where we start to see the appreciation.  Spring is where you get the salad greens, asparagus, sugar snap and snow peas, radishes and even some hold-over kale.  Show your farmers, bakers and other local vendors some love and head out to see them on Saturday.  Make your family a locally-produced meal that they’re sure to love!

Some tips for heading out to the markets:

  • Head out early for the best selection – make it an outing and reward yourself with a nice baked good for breakfast
  • Peruse the vendors first to see what you want to spend your budget on – it can add up quickly
  • Cash is preferred, in small bills and possibly some loose change
  • Don’t haggle – your farmers and vendors work hard to produce this food, and it’s worth every penny
  • For meat, try pre-ordering with your vendor to avoid long lines or run-outs
  • Bring some reusable bags to carry your goodies
  • Keep a cooler in the car, packed with an ice pack to keep meat, eggs and dairy cool longer
  • Be flexible and imaginative with your meal planning – you never know what you might find, you could be surprised!
  • Chip in with your friends or neighbors – it’s a great way to try new things together and make a communal meal

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