It’s Strawberry Time…

The interactive guide to pick-your-own farms around Charlotte is online, in case you haven’t seen it:

Strawberries have been busting out all over the Charlotte and surrounding areas since the week of April 19th.  When I first heard about this, I ran out immediately (not kidding) to Hall Family Farm in the Ballantyne area (of all places!)  The pre-picked there runs $2.99/lb, or $2.09 if you pick your own.  (I was not going to stick around to pick my own that day because 4 yellow school buses pulled up.)   The strawberries are pretty sweet, and I am told they will get sweeter as the season progresses.

The Matthews Farmers Market offers strawberries from Cody Strawberry Farm.  They were not as sweet as Hall’s the first week, but from the lines at the market, they are pretty popular.  Our favorite in past seasons is Patterson’s which is available at other farm stands.  I believe Hunter Farms is still in Weddington, but they’re not featured on the new map, and we haven’t been there in probably 5 years.

Hunter Farm: 13624 Providence Road, Weddington, NC 28104, office phone: (704) 846-7975, (website broken); according to phone message, picking is $2/lb.

Happy picking!


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