Service Focus: Lakeview Farms Milk Delivery

Update as of May 2011:  Lakeview Farms Milk Delivery has switched milk providers to Homestead Creamery located in Virginia.


It’s 2010, and the milk man came by my house today to deliver milk in glass bottles.  I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.  I checked for delivery starting at 6:20am, but as it turns out, we’re toward the end of Brian’s route of 162 deliveries, so our milk arrives later.   No worries.  If he’s off schedule, or if I have to run an errand, an ice pack or two in the insulated cooler will do to keep the milk cool until we can bring it inside.

My first order was: 1/2 gal. skim, 1/2 gal. whole, 1 pint heavy cream, 1 quart buttermilk, 1 lb. butter.  They were out of buttermilk (it’s on short supply), but will bring me some next week.  I tasted the whole milk already, and it’s wonderful!

Lakeview Farms Home Delivery is owned by Jim Price and based in Fort Mill, S.C.  They offer whole, cream line, 2%, skim, chocolate and much, much, more. Prices are very reasonable for all-natural delivered-to-the-door milk.

The milk comes from Bush River Farms in Newberry, S.C. (between Columbia and Greenville) which is about 100 miles from Charlotte.  I’m told that milk will arrive from farm to your door within 2 days freshness of being milked and bottled.  Bush River doesn’t use any hormones or antibiotics.  They do use liquid and additional feeds, and it lists on the website for the farm what they could be.  The milk is considered all-natural, but not organic due to some of the feeds.  The milk is pasteurized so it’s not raw, but not ultra-pasteurized like grocery store milk, so it lasts about 14 days in the glass bottle.   Some items come from Homestead Creamery in VA, but Lakeview is in transition to move more items to the S.C. producer and to update its website.

Here’s how the delivery works:

  • It’s recommended you keep your refrigerator very cold – 38 degrees so the milk stays fresh.
  • You either put out your own cooler, or you can purchase one from them.
  • The delivery person drops off the milk early in the morning on your scheduled neighborhood day, and leaves an order sheet for next week.
  • You fill out the order sheet each week and leave in the box with your empty bottles from last week (for deposit credit), and the delivery person fills the new order from the truck.
  • There is no minimum order or standing order required.  Each order has a $2.50 delivery charge.  If you go on vacation, just call them so they don’t come to the house and charge you $2.50 for no order.
  • Payment can be by check weekly, or credit/debit card monthly.

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  1. Milk delivery is a good business .

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