Service Focus: What’s Your Beef Local Butcher

Moving down to Charlotte from the Northeast, we missed our local services like the bakeries, the fish mongers and the butchers.  Well, finally the Ballantyne area has a local butcher to call their own, and for me it’s worth the short drive.  In February, Vic Giroux moved his store called What’s Your Beef to Conlan Circle off John J. Delaney Dr. from his original Waxhaw location.  If you haven’t found it yet, you need to.  If you’ve been to Tony’s Pizza, you’ve walked right by it.

Vic hails from New Jersey, and he also noticed a shortage of quality independent butchers in town.  So, he decided to open up shop, hiring a master butcher and offering high quality meat from local farms at very reasonable prices.  For example, natural chicken breast is $3.99/lb and organic chicken breast is $6.99/lb, per his website.

WYB carries all-natural chicken, organic chicken, natural beef, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork and veal.  And if you need something they don’t have in stock, they can get it for you in a couple of days.  I had a dinner party a few weeks ago and wanted 10 pounds of chicken cut up just so, and I called ahead, and they had it ready for me just the way I wanted it.  I also love their meatloaf mix.  If they’re out of it, they’ll make it fresh for me, on the fly.  Sausages are made in-house and are excellent.

One of the best parts is getting to know your butcher by name and seeing how fresh the cuts of meat are in the case.  It’s fresher than meat under plastic at the grocery store, you can have it cut to whatever thickness you want, and the added bonus is the meat is coming from local farm suppliers.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s grilling time!

(Incidentally, Down Home Baking Company took Vic’s old spot in Waxhaw, and I’ll do a write-up on them some other time.)


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2 Responses to Service Focus: What’s Your Beef Local Butcher

  1. Melissa O says:

    We are addicted to What’s Your Beef! I don’t know if I can eat meat from other places. I am so glad you told us about it at wine club, and that we checked it out. I’ve sent 3 other people there. Your website has great information on it- we’ve really enjoyed it, and learn new things every post. Thank You!

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