Fresh Cooking: Fig Ice Cream

Charlotte Fresh must admit that sometimes hot summer days make for lazy days (and short posts, too).  As devoted readers know, I usually come up with original Fresh Recipes, but this time I wanted all the benefit of the results without putting in all the effort required to create. That’s the way it goes sometimes.  And I knew I could turn to an expert resource (which makes me even lazier) for what I wanted to make.

Fig Ice Cream.  So lazy, I didn't even take this pic - hubby did!

Yum. Fig Ice Cream. So lazy, I didn't even take this picture - hubby did!

Fig ice cream.  Wha?  Yup, it’s really good.  (And a good way to get fiber into your kids, hehe.)  The figs are ripe at the farmers’ markets now and won’t last much longer in this heat.  Sometimes you have to decide whether to eat your summer’s bounty, to preserve it, or in this case – to freeze it, so to speak.

The ice cream turned out refreshingly well using delicious Brown Turkey figs from Big Oak Natural Farm.  I did take a picture of the figs cooking in the saucepan, but decided it wasn’t flattering enough to post.  (Jammy figs are not attractive.)  The recipe is a piece of cake compared to most ice cream recipes and requires no egg, just cream.  The hardest part is cutting up the figs.  Seriously.  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.  Find ice cream guru David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop recipe on this site here.

Note:  make sure to weigh out your figs because Brown Turkey figs can be smaller than the black mission figs that the recipe calls for.  It will take at least a quart box.


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