Party ReFreshment: Peach Sangria

Recently, a good friend of ours held a sangria-themed party, and we were asked to bring a sangria of our choice. What fun!  Charlotte Fresh and hubby wanted to take advantage of this year’s wonderful peach season, so our contribution was a white wine peach sangria.  I consulted one of my new favorite boutique wine stores, the Black Chicken Wine Cellar in downtown Matthews, for a good wine to use.

Black Chicken Wine Cellar

Black Chicken Wine Cellar

Black Chicken features specialty, small production and boutique wines, but without the pretentiousness.  Jason, the owner, suggested a couple of wines that we tried in test-runs, but this well-priced Steeple Jack moscato from Ballast Stone Estate Wines was the clear winner:

Steeple Jack moscatoo

Steeple Jack moscato

Generally, moscato wines tend to be a little sweeter and can have a little fizz on their own, but the addition of ginger ale rounds out the flavor of this party drink and adds even more fizz.  I like a natural ginger ale, but careful not to use one that has too much ginger kick, or it might not be as pleasing to everyone. Ours was the only white sangria at the party, and it received very good reviews, especially when the peaches were eaten afterwards.

Try making some peach sangria this week – it’s so easy!  Or visit the Black Chicken Wine Cellar and hang out for wine by the glass, or get a bottle to go with your locally sourced farmers’ market meal.  (Psst…Black Chicken is open early in the morning on Saturdays when the Matthews market is underway!)

Fresh Recipe: CF’s Peach Sangria

CF's peach sangria - not pretty in this glass, but quite a lovely tastete

CF's peach sangria - not pretty in this glass, but quite a lovely taste

Serves 8-10, for adults only.  Peaches soak up the liquid and become quite infused (yum). Careful on this one – it’s so tasty, it’s easy to drink too much, too fast!

  • 6-8 ripe local peaches
  • 2 bottles chilled moscato – try Steeple Jack
  • 1/2 C cognac
  • 24 oz. cold ginger ale – try Boylan’s

Pit, slice and freeze the peaches a few days in advance, freezing until hard.

On day of use, combine moscato, cognac and frozen peaches.  Refrigerate this mixture 2-4 hours before serving. Peaches will gradually take on the flavors and start to defrost. Immediately before serving, add the ginger ale and stir gently so as not to disturb the fizz too much. Peaches will keep the sangria cool for a little while, but serve sangria over ice, if needed.


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