Fresh Eats: Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen

Charlotte Fresh and Hubby have been eating out a bit lately (and getting a little CHubby – haha), due to the generosity of loved ones and CF’s current serious addiction to Groupon, Living Social and  If you haven’t checked these sites out, you’re missing out on a great way to support our area’s independently-owned restaurants in this economy (remember the 3/50 project) while saving moolah during a night on the town. (BTW, I don’t get any kind of referral payment whether you visit or not, so the site links are there for your info because I love them and you.)

We recently caught an awesome Groupon deal for one of our favorite restaurants in South Park – Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen, a Jim Noble restaurant. Many of you have seen Chef Jim’s awesome demonstrations at the Matthews’ Farmers Market during the regular season.  He is known for being passionate about and dedicated to local, natural, organic, artisanal slow foods and wine.  So of course Hubby and I were excited to have an “excuse” to visit Rooster’s yet again.  We didn’t run into Chef Jim, but the team did an awesome job, as usual.

On to the meal…the local specials of the day were Pan-Seared Carolina Flounder and New Town Farms Smoked Ossabaw.  (Recall that I explained NTF Ossabaw in a previous post.) Of course we had to indulge in those two entrees (CF called dibs on the pork), with a starter of mushroom pizza featuring local shitake and oyster shrooms.

Rooster's daily specials

Yum...mushroom pizza!

Yum...mushroom pizza!

Hubby's Pan-Seared Carolina Flounder - oh, so good (I stole a bite)

Perfect NTF Smoked Ossabaw Pork Loin & Baby Back Rib - thank you Rooster's and Sammy K.!

Perfect NTF Smoked Ossabaw Pork Loin & Baby Back Rib - thank you Rooster's and Sammy K.!

Of course, we had to have dessert.  We were so engrossed in the meal that CF forgot to take a pic until it was almost too late…my bad once again (if only I could stop feeding my face long enough to stop and think).  But, could you blame us when you see how yummy it was?  A smooth cheesecake with a crisp caramel toffee hazelnut topping and some gelato on the side.

Hazelnut caramel cheesecake - so good we couldn't wait

Rooster’s has a regular menu, too.  I took some warped, blurry pics, but you get the idea:

Rooster's dinner menu page 1

Rooster's dinner menu page 2

Rooster's dinner menu page 3

Discount deal or not, nothing prevents us from visiting this fine local-food-supporting establishment on a repeated basis.  Delight your taste buds; visit Rooster’s and its sister not-for-profit restaurant The King’s Kitchen soon.  Ciao for now.


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3 Responses to Fresh Eats: Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen

  1. The pastry chef at 300 East suggested that I try this place because of its local focus and man was I not disappointed – Jim Noble is a genius with his American-style tapas!

  2. Jen says:

    Between putting up my own posts and reading yours now I’m starving. What are we EATING when I get there??

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