Fresh Find: Greek Style Yogurt

Those of you who are regulars at Atherton Market on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays already know about New Terra Farms with their fresh goods from Chester, SC. What newbies to New Terra Farms might not know is that Cindy McCain Hamrick makes absolutely the best Greek style yogurt that Charlotte Fresh has ever had.  Thanks to Lell (again!), I finally met Cindy the other day.

Rich, creamy New Terra Farms yogurt

Rich, creamy New Terra Farms yogurt

Cindy produces several wonderful flavors of yogurt, but I prefer plain so I can add whatever I want.  And this is the best way to eat it:

Topped with berries

Topped with berries

Love those berries on the yogurt.  The yogurt is already rich, but maybe drizzle with a little local honey to be a bit more decadent.  Mmmm.  Thanks, Cindy, for all you and your family do.  And to all you readers out there – don’t be greedy; save me some yogurt.

By the way, strawberries are really ripe right now.  Hit your local pick-your-own farm now and get out in that field.  Some varieties have bloomed and fruited all at once (it’s happening across the state).  The picking is so easy and quick, you don’t even have to exert much energy because they just pop out at you all around.  Don’t let these beautiful berries go to waste.  Pick, eat, freeze and can as many as possible to make the sweet berry goodness last until next season.  See more info on strawberries in my previous post about Hall Family Farm. Here’s the link to the 2011 pick-your-own farm list.


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