Fresh Moon: The HMG Cart is Back on the Street!

Hi all – CF sending a quick post to let you know our favorite local food cart is back.  Hooray! If you hadn’t heard, the Harvest Moon Grille’s orange food cart was stolen in late July.  I hope CMPD finds the stinkers – seriously, who does that?

It’s been a trying month, but customers have shown fantastic support by visiting HMG’s brick-and-mortar restaurant at The Dunhill.  (Thank you all!)  With courage, savvy and perseverance, HMG has an even better cart debuting on the streets this week.  (Hah! Take that, you stupid thieves.)

Hubby and I visited the new moon at the Regional Farmers’ Market on Saturday to wish Cassie and team well and to chow down on lamb tacos with kimchi and chorizo burritos. Yum. (Sorry no pics of the awesome food; we snarfed before we realized I forgot to pull out the camera.)

So, with HMG’s cart back in action during the week, be there for lunch or be square. Seriously, get in line quickly because there is sure to be a mob.  (I know Hubby will be there, likely with his own posse.)  I did remember to snap the cart – here’s the beautiful “Blue Moon” you’re looking for:

Meet "Blue Moon."  Congrats, guys!

Meet "Blue Moon." Congrats, guys!

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