Fresh Season: Get Out Your Shopping Bags!

Since this originally posted, the 2012 link to pick-your-own farms and the 2012 link to the interactive farmers’ markets map are now up on the Charlotte Observer’s website:


Hello, everyone.  Charlotte Fresh getting back on the scene.  My apologies for going off-the-air for a bit – Hubby and I have been out of town helping take care of ill family members.  Everyone is on the mend, it seems, so we are very thankful.  Spring (where did it go?) brings new beginnings, and we need some change for the better.

Talking about beginnings, we’re officially opening the heavy-traffic farmers’ market season at many of your local faves this Saturday, April 7th.  Head over to enjoy demonstrations and  hobnob in your local community while you shop your bags to the brim.  Thank you all for being such loyal market patrons year-round.  You will be rewarded with great finds this season.  (Hubby nabbed asparagus last week.)  April will bring you early strawberries (weird weather, but hooray for us), so hit the markets and the pick-your-own farms to make sure you get your fill.

As always, the trusty Charlotte Observer will publish updated info to help you find the farmers’ markets and pick-your-own farms, but until those 2012 links come out, here are the ones from last year:

CF appreciates your loyal following of not only this blog, but of our local farmers’ markets, farmers and chefs.  You help make this a wonderful community built on a love of local food.   Food grown here, dollars spent here – it all comes back to benefit the community around you.  As consumers, the more we ask for local and sustainable food, the more we’ll be listened to by our community leaders, policy makers, grocers and restaurateurs.  And the better our farmers will be able to sustain their businesses and to make a living.

This season, please partner with Charlotte Fresh to expand our combined knowledge about, support for and love of local food to more people in the Charlotte community.  Start conversations with those around you about local food education, about bringing fresh food into our schools and about creating consistent fresh food accessibility for our urban areas.  Participate in farmers’ market programs that collect fresh market food donations to share with our less fortunate neighbors.  Bring your friends, neighbors, co-workers down to your market – maybe a new person every week!  Once your guests speak to the farmers directly, learn the benefits of going local and taste the difference (So, that’s a tomato!), they’ll be hooked and love you for it.

See you at market!


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