Fresh Humble Request: Please Send Love

My Dear Readers,
Charlotte Fresh very much respects your time and attention.  This may be a touchy subject of a post for some because it is not about food.  It is about a person and about community.  It is not characteristic of me to write about things like this on the blog, and I hope that I never encounter the need to do it again.  But a member of our local food community is about to face a huge challenge in life, and I will not let her go it alone.  Given all the love and support my family received in the past few months during our moments of distress, I believe I need to rally some support for someone else.  Pay it forward, if you will.

Today, I received a message from a dear friend, Jessica Annunziata, who co-owns (with her loving husband Chef Luca) Passion8 Bistro in Fort Mill, SC.  The message was a part of her monthly newsletter.  Jessica is such a bubbly person – those who know her can attest to it.  She will endure two brain surgeries in the next two months, all of which is incredibly scary to me, but she is in high spirits with good faith in a positive outcome and with hope for a relatively quick return to doing what she loves best.  I humbly request that if you have positive energy to send their way and to hope for a positive outcome for a beautiful person and her family, we welcome it.  I believe strongly in the power of healing love.  An excerpt from Jessica’s newsletter is below.

Thanks a million for your patience in reading this and for your support for Jessica and for her family.

Dear Friends,
I am writing this newsletter to inform you of how much we value our relationships with our clientele. Over the years we have made so many connections that have turned into lifelong friendships that both Luca and myself are so grateful for. We have some great events planned for the Month of April. As I write this I felt compelled to let you know that I am on the verge of facing something monumental.

I have found out that I have a condition that I was born with that will require me to have brain surgery. What makes me so completely blessed is the fact that this issue traditionally presents itself in a stealthy manner…it is usually detected after something tragic like an aneurism or a stroke! I am facing two surgeries that will keep me away from the restaurant for the next two months or so. (That is what I am most concerned with). This is something that I am so grateful for for it will be what saves my life. I am not fearful but faithful that this is an opportunity for great triumph. Let me explain what I mean by that.

I feel that I am doing what I was created to do. I know that being in a crazy location in a formal brothel brings me joy because I am surround by so many loving individuals who validate us on daily basis. So thank you for your support over these past few years. We will continue to be entirely dedicated to building a place devoted to showcasing gorgeous ingredients lovingly prepared. The only reason we are still here is because of you. So for that we thank you and will continue to work toward exceeding your expectations by our inventiveness and our never ending crusade for creative and delicious cuisine!

I look forward to coming back with renewed spirit and energy. I will miss you (A TON) but I’ll be back real soon… In the mean time my team will be here to serve you with love!

Thank you for your support!
Jessica Annunziata


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2 Responses to Fresh Humble Request: Please Send Love

  1. Jessica, You don’t know me from Adam but I am in the food biz myself and know how difficult that alone can be. I don’t have lots of money to offer but can offer my services in your kitchen. I have had twenty years experience as a cook and would be more than happy to help there prepping, cooking, etc. If you would like my help please contact me on my cell 361-215-7163 or through one of my sites or
    In any case I offer my prayers for successful surgery and a quick recovery.
    Bill Averbach

    Everyone else: One drop multiplied by tens of thousands is a river.

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