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Hi all – don’t be alarmed if you see yourself redirected to a different URL for the Charlotte Fresh blog.  It’s the beginning of changes in the works this year for the blog and for the website!  I am very excited and hope you will be too.  The new site will give you a chance to interact with CF and other local food believers.  To celebrate two years of writing and of building a wonderful CF following (thank you!), I would like to evolve CF into a community conversation.  Helping each other find resources will demonstrate our increasing demand for local food in the Charlotte area.  This will allow our wonderful farmers, markets and chefs to keep doing what they know and love best.  Please help reach out to more people and help everyone to learn more.  This has been in the works through the winter – stay tuned because it takes time to go from plan to execution…but at least I am getting off my butt.  The first step you will likely see is a revamp to the layout of the site.

New address for the blog:

New address for the website:

Coming this week:  a new post on some sweet baked goods.  And one on charcuterie to follow.


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Helping Charlotte find fresh local food. Spread the word.
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