Fresh Find: Turkish Baked Goods

Thanks to everyone for making the busy market season a success so far.  I met someone from my hometown (how random) who is new to Charlotte, and he came down to Matthews for the first time – from NoDa!  Kudos, my friend.  I hope to see you again soon.  Guess I owe it to him and to all of you to write more posts from up that direction.

That same day, Charlotte Fresh and Hubby had the pleasure of meeting Seden Yapa, a personal chef who has started the market season as a new vendor at the Matthews Community Farmers’ Market.  Seden specializes in Turkish cuisine and makes some of the most delicious pastries we have ever had.  It’s been two weekends, and we are hooked on the baklava, sweet balls, white flour cookies and so much more.  I was trying to cut back on sweets to watch my weight, but I will give up on that for a while longer.  I am a total sucker for baklava.

Look at what we ate the first week:

Baklava and Sweet Balls

Baklava and Sweet Balls

I don’t have pics from the second week…well, because I snarfed before I realized I should snap more samples for you.  Sometimes the mouth takes over for the brain.  Correction…frequently.  The sweet balls seem to have a syrup soaked in.  I would describe it like the Indian dessert gulab jamun if you’ve ever tried that, but not as gooey floating in syrup.  The sweet balls maintain a cookie shape and cookie-cakey texture while being slightly soaked at the same time.  Out of this world.  We also had some kind of walnut oval-shaped sweet that I am absolutely craving as I write this.  I’ve forgotten the name, but hope Seden makes it again.

Seden at market

Seden at market - we didn't catch her at the best camera angle. Sorry, Seden.

A better pic of Seden from her website

A better pic of Seden from her website. She's lovely.

Seden’s tagline is: Good food that makes you smile.   And it’s so true.  Just watch the face of anyone who stops by her booth.  Just hearing people talk about sampling her food makes you want to run over there…quickly.  I spoke with a market volunteer who sampled and bought a bag of savory cheese pastry.  I kid you not, he ate the whole bag for breakfast before I could blink twice.  And I’m not one to go unblinking for long.

Where to find Seden:  The Matthews Community Farmers’ Market Saturday mornings, 7:15am-12:00pm (or until she runs out).  Email:, or call 980.254.2299.

As promised, next up is the subject of charcuterie.  On a related note, if you’re interested in learning to make sausage, sign up for class at Harvest Moon Grille this coming Sunday, April 22 at 2:00pm.  It’s $30 per person, and you get to learn from Chef Cassie Parsons and the Sultan of Sausage, Kelly Slade.  When class is over you get to take home a pack of sausage.  Yum, yum!  Space is limited – call 704-342-1193 to reserve your place in class.


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1 Response to Fresh Find: Turkish Baked Goods

  1. Danielle says:

    I bought Seden’s spinach-cheese pastries and they were fantastic! I just wish I had bought more!

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